Procrastination is not a problem students around the world face, as if it is some sort of disease. It is an art form. The art of procrastinating is very complex; it’s very different to master. Trust me, for years now I have spent days studying with the monks of procrastination, spending hour after hour on Facebook instead of doing my homework for AP European History. I have plowed through the ruthless internet forum known as Teen Misc, even tried to cut through the dense forest known as YouTube, but to no avail. I cannot master procrastination. My ego does not allow me to miss my homework and fail classes. I have shed tears over the matter at hand: How could I possibly procrastinate more? How could I possibly try any harder – or less hard – than I am right now? The answer is, I can’t. I won’t. No one should procrastinate. It only causes problems. There are no solutions. Procrastinate; is never the answer.


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